As far back as she can remember, Holly Furlone has loved to sing.

Growing up on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, everything in the world around her was music. Windshield wipers and blinkers transformed into beats and rhythms. Diverse landscapes inspired her imagination. Thoughts developed into words that brought forth poems which eventually became lyrics.

During a summer job at a sleepaway camp when she was 18, Holly picked up her first guitar, learning enough chords to set some of those early poems to music. Over the next 10 years, she dabbled in songwriting and playing, eking out creative time between the demands of a career in education and becoming a mother. In 2013, Holly was able to shine some light back on making music, and she eagerly ventured out to open mics, sharing her original songs and connecting with local musicians.

As a singer-songwriter, Holly is a storyteller. Her heartfelt lyrics are brought to life by a passionate and commanding voice, tuneful acoustic guitar, and connected on-stage experience. Holly’s live shows take on an intimate listening room feel. She plays solo shows in venues of all sizes, and especially appreciates settings that provide an environment for directly connecting with people. When she’s playing out with her fun-loving, folk/rock trio, The Midweeklings, it’s more of a “get on the dance floor” energy, bathed in three-part harmony and Jägermeister.

Holly began work on a new four-track EP of original songs, “Mojo,” in late 2019. Recorded at Mojo Music Studio in Easton, New Hampshire, the EP was close to completion before COVID-19 shut everything down. Thanks to the wonders of technology and the dedicated work of Mojo Music Studio, Holly was able to collaborate remotely with supporting artists Joseph Cimino, Anthony Cimino, Al Francis, and Andrew Emanuel until the EP was fully mixed, mastered, and ready for its July 17, 2020, release.

Prior releases include:

  • “Between Here and 10th Street,” a full-length, 14-track solo album recorded at home with the help of producer Jim Tyrrell in 2016.
  • “Ten Stories High” recorded in 2014 and “Now and Then” released in 2015, both with her Midweeklings bandmates, Rafael Puga and Jim Tyrrell.

Holly continued performing throughout the quarantine, albeit from her living room at home–or whichever room was available. A weekly livestream on her Facebook page allowed her to connect with people tuning in from around the world and reach fans who might not otherwise be able to attend a live show.

What’s next for Holly? She’s already dreaming up another recording project–details on that soon. The pandemic has definitely impacted the live music scene for Holly and for many musicians. She’s currently focusing on performing at smaller, outdoor venues and private events that allow for generous social distancing, as well as virtual appearance via livestreaming.

“Passionate, candid, and pure”

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